Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Favourites

Hey :)

A while ago I wrote about how I want to create content, that I love and maybe some people would like to read about and find interesting.
I always loved the format of "favourites" in any form. So I´l try to do that for a start.
I want to mention products, games, books and other stuff I really enjoyed, together with a tiny review.

Me and my boyfriend recently got the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which enables us to watch all the shows very conveniently in bed, on the sofa, or any random place we want to... I find it amazoing and annoying at the same time. Amazing because always wanted to wtach a lot of old shows, that are no longer on TV. And they are free with Amazon Prime..
Annoying because I´m currently in the final phase of exams before it´s my last semester at Uni... And I really need to study quite a bit. But the possibility of watching ALL THE SHOWS *.*
So I´d have to say that this darn stick is a favourite and The X-Files with it. We love that show! I can´t stopĆ¼ watching it. As a kid my mom used to watch it, and I´d crawl under her blanket, too scared to watch, but too intrigued to just stay away XD Now everytime I hear the opening I get overexited.

A Youtube favourite of this month is definitely Gemma Tomlinsons Healthy Happy Life Channel. She does adorable videos. I especially love her "What I eat in a day" videos. Really great food-inspiration. She´s vegan. I´m not vegan, but I´m very careful with what I eat and what goes into my body. And I´m just always after inspiration for new recipes <3

I re-fell in love with yoga this month as well. I haven´t been doing a lot of exercise lately. But with the heavy studying at the moment, I needed a little cool-down tool. So I did a couple of routines with my Ashtange Yoga DVD from Kino McGregor. You can find a lot of her routines on her Youtube channel online :)

I also started getting back into poledance again, which i totally neglected, since the end of summer. I was a real lazy butt in the last months XD

Finally back on track again.

I hope you found this short fvourites entry interesting. Maybe you´ll take a look at some of the mentioned people :)

See you,
Jana Ellena

Monday, February 1, 2016

Long long long time ago...

Hey guys..

long time no see... erm read I guess?

Well it´s been a busy time (what time is´nt anyway?) with a lot of fun stuff and a lot of work as well. Right now, I´m going through a lot of changes in my life and I want to write about them. Even if Im the only one reading this, I try to do it anyway :D

So ok... what´s up?
I´m finally taking big steps towards my university degree, which took my way too long, and much longer than I would have ever expected..
I´m currently trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle, both workouts and diet-related.
I try to stay in touch with my freinds, who I met through the Lolita-community. That´s a tough ine, because I rarely wear Lolita anymore. I´m still into fashion, but not all styles I used to wear and love suit me at the moment IMO.

Ok. That´s the situation right now. I would like to write posts about all of these points in my life. And others as well. I still love my books, make-up and all off my geeky things like tabletop-evenings, back-to-the-future marathons, Star Wars and Star Trek... You know the drill.

I hope that I can meet my high expectations of posting at least once a week. I´d love to create fun and interesting content for the people that read this blog, or stumble across it in the world wide web. I´ve been inactive for over a year now. I want to make a fresh start and give myself the chance to create stuff I love.

So anyways...
Thanks if you read this.
I hope to see you soon with some fabulous content :D

Jana Ellena

Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas day 21

Good morning :D

I had a really chilled out day. It was my turn for breakfast and I did poached eggs and crunchy bacon on toast. The eggs turned out pretty nice for my first time trying them ^^

Then we wrapped the last parcels (except one which we have to rebuy - the Manioc went bad after a day. I obviously got old ones which were rotten on the inside, oi my boyfriend has to get new ones on tuesday).

A friend wanted to come over to watch a Hockey-game with us, but she hurt her foot and stayed at home. So we did´nt cook for a change and ordered pizza. I chose funghi which was really yummy. The Hockey game was horrible. We totally lost....It was so horrible to watch that I fell asleep and only woke up twi hours later to the end of the Lego movie, my boyfriend watched. Then we watched a football match (Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts) and I had hot chocolate. Since football games are really long I fell asleep.

Wow, what an eventful day XD

Read you tomorrow <3

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blogmas day 20

Hey ho only 4 days till Christmas eve :D

I got up early and did some ironing (I did a lot of laundry earlier this week and had to iron everything). Then we went to get the last bits of our christmas shopping and groceries.
We drove to the shopping alley not far away from us. I bought Love actually because I really wanted to see the movie in the last weeks and it was on sale for 5€.
 They have ciute decorations up that are shaped like snowflakes :D

ThenI got ready for a concert we went to with friends. We saw the Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space which are an austrian Horrorbilly band that have a special X-Mess Show every year. They take a well known band and recreate their songs in their own way. They already did Madonna, Beatles and Abba. this year they picked a fellow austrian Artist (unfortunately he is already dead) Falco and performed some of his songs and loads of their own songs. It was a wonderful concert - as always. They also recorded parts for their next video which will be a cover version of one of Falcos songs "Vienna Calling". It was really great and the audience (they were sold out) was pretty active :)

And my outfit :D I did my hair and put on my favourite animal print top (I got it from my mom and it´s about as old as I am, she wore it in the 80ies) I just love it.

After the concert we got us some food and then went home to watch another episode of CSI. We really like that show.

Read you tomorrow :D

Blogmas day 19

I forgot to submit this post, so it´s one day late.. sorry for that -.-

Hey gals :D

TGIF! Wow, what a day. I worked from 9 am to 1:30 pm and then spent my afternoon home alone because my boyfriend was celebrating his last workday for the year with his colleagues.

I made myself hot chocolate and ate some christmas cookies.

In the evening we went to see our hockey team in their christmas game against Ljubljana. Unfortunately they lost, but they still celebrated christmas with the fans afterwards which was great as always. They organized a raffle and with they money they raised the support the Junior Capitals (the hockey kiddies, the cutest of them all). We did´nt win anything in the raffle but they had 30 prizes and they were all really great :D The players had special jerseys with christmas trees and baubles on them and snowflakes and just looked really funny and festive.
"Thanks for coming!"

Sparkling candles in the rink
After the christmas-songs and the candles we got ourself a very late dinner. Another new Burger-Restaurant opened in Vienna. Burgerista. We tried the other new one (Le Burger when we went to watch Mockingjay some weeks ago and it was really tasty). Burgerista has kind of teh same system - you order your burger and add extras or fries or a drink - and then you pay and get a number with whcih you can pick it up (like Starbucks). They give you glasses for your drink and offer sodas and homemade lemonade with refills. I got a Smokehouse Burger with salty fries and orange-soda (Schartner Bombe). It was very delicious. They have the yummiest BBQ Apple hot sauce *.*
Hot Sauces and Oregano right IN the table in front of you *.*

awesome interior

yummy smokehouse burger <3
Afterwards we just went home and watched an episode of CSI.

I never really showed you my advent calendars. I got one at work and the other one from friends (the hockeygirls we always watch the games with <3) It shows my favourite hockey player and the chocolate is yummy <3

Read you tomorrow ^^

Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogmas day 18

Good morning Gals,

I had a really relaxed thursday..kind of.

I slept until 9 am and then did household duties (cleaning the kitchen, writing a to-buy-list) and thought about the stuff I need to get for christmas.
I had to go to the big foodmarket in the center of Vienna to get Manioca so I packed myself up and went to the "Naschmarkt". It´s always kind of overwhelming to go there, because you can buy all the things there. Like everything. Dried fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables from around the world and local ones, spices and herbs, teas, vinegars, ales, oils, chocolates, pasta.... everything.

I could´nt find the guys that have the Manioca first, but when I started my second round I finally found them. They don´t look good, but they were the only ones I could find, so I´ll have to deal with ugly ones. (I´ll tell you more abour this special christmas present after Christmas).

I wanted to go to a market near my home too, so I looked online which one I should try. I found a market right near the shopping alley I stop by every day when I change to the tram to go tor work. I was highly pleased with myself because now I could buy my vegetables at a market instead of the supermarket.. but then.... yay its dead. 70% of the market stalls were closed. There was one guy with clothing and scarfs and stuff. One with flowers and three permanent ones with vegetables. One with fish and meat. And two flying ones (farmers) with vegetables and fruits. Too bad. Not the view I was isnpecting. but I should have known better, because I lived near several markets in the last years and they all closed down. Only the restaurants stay... It makes me really sad...

After this sad incidence I went to said shopping alley and went into a decoration shop. I found several cute things but I did´nt end up buying anything. But I might go back to get us some christmas tree ornaments which are just too cute. My boyfriend likes them as well.
Donuts for our tree *.*

Speaking of Donuts.. Markus bought Donuts for work today and got us some as well <3 I had apple crumble and sugared nougat as dessert. We had spaghetti carbonara for our dinner today which was delicious. I had some cream leftover from yesterday and used it up in the pasta USEALLTHETHINGS XD

After Dinner we watched House at the end of the street with Jennifer Lawrende which was really good. We haven´t watched a thriller-type movie in a while. And this one had a twist, which we didn´t expect. In the beginning I though "Oh yeah we know THAT story.." but then it was very good movie :D So if you like this type of movies, go ahead and watch it, it´s great.

I spend some time on youtube as well, catching up on my subscriptions...

Oh yes I finally redid the pantry. I went through all the things and grouped them by type and size. It looks pretty neat now :D

That´s it for now, read you later <3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas day 14-17

Hey Gals :D

Another update-post on blogmas. By tomorrow I´ll be on track again ´´

Day 14:

The Day after teh wonderful Christmas Party.. I slept way too long and then just lied on the couch watching Star Wars again (the last day.... the marathon is over -.- so sad...). In teh afternoon we went to meet with our hockey girls for dinner at the saloon and then watch a game.
I had RanTanPlan, whcih is my favourite thing to eat there (Schinkenfleckerl again). And my team finally won a game again! It has been weeks since our last win (and we led the ranking before that..) But hey! A spark of hope in a cold chilly time for the hockey-fangirl.

Day 15:

I had to work till 2 pm. Then I met my friend Jenny who moved to the countrside as well (whats going on girls? Nobody stays in Vienna). We had a lot to talk about. She picked up a diaper changing table at IKEA (because shes pregant *.*) and then drove me home. I made us some dinner. Bacon-wrapped chicken with vegetables. I stiffed the chicken with spinach as well, which turned out really tatsy :D

After Jenny went home we watched a football game and I fell asleep in front of the TV. I woke up to my boyfriend asking if I want to know if my favourite Quarterback won or if I wnat to carry on sleeping through the next game as well XD

I kept on sleeping...

Day 16:

Same routine as Monday. Getting some more christmas stuff on my way home. (Gift cards and boxes to put presents in).

I cooked us Potatoe-goulash which was very tasty. I fell asleep during a football game again and when I woke up an hour later I had terrible cravibgs for cheesecake. Sina, one of our hockey girls wanted to make me happy (and probably socialize) and brought us cheesecakes from MyDonalds which was adorable and winderful and perfect and I love her for doing that! <3

We then drove her home and went to bed after watching an episode of CSI ( we are rewatching them once again but I remember almost all of the cases, which makes it easier to fall asleep).

Day 17:

I worked till 2 pm and then my father-in-law picked me up from work. I got my christmas tree (for free, my company gives it to all employees) and two huge bottles of washing detergent ( as a thankyou for washing you work clothes at home!) and a pillow. I get a pillowcase and gift cards as well. Thats a lot of gifts for the employees in my opinion. I really like that :D

We stopped to buy grcoeries and when I got home I started preparing for dinner. Flo and Babsi wanted to come over for a pre-christmas-get-together. I made mince pies and apple-cranberry-cider and as a main course I made steaks with pepper-sauce, rice and green beans.

We got an new board game from them. We all love to paly board games, and usually when we meet, we play a lot of games, but we just didn´t make it over chatting this time (a lot of catching up again, even though we´ve seen each other twice this month!)

It was a wonderful evening with wunderful people. I love days like this <3